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Cali in Danger

  • Cali in Danger


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El Centro - May 18, 1940

  • El Centro - May 18, 1940

What have been some of the biggest earthquakes in California to date? California has been hit with many earthquakes over the last century, with Fort Tejon and San Francisco being the highest recorded at 7.9 on the Richter scale. The twelve largest earthquakes to hit California since the mid 1800 ...

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The Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 and Its impact

  • The Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 and Its impact

October 17, 1989, at precisely 5:04:5 (PDT) stands as a memorable moment to California residents. This very moment saw the occurrence of the very powerful earthquake which led to many experiencing quite severe losses. With the epicentre of the Earthquake being in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the ea ...

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California Earthquakes

  • California Earthquakes

In August 24, 2014, The Napa Valley California earthquake hit with a magnitude 6.0. It was felt across the Bay Area; it damaged buildings, caused spark fires, and injured several people. This quake was one of the largest to strike the Northern part of the state since the 1989 Loma Prieta 6.9 M e ...

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Northridge Earthquake

  • Northridge Earthquake

Facts and Summary of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake DisasterEarthquakes can neither be prevented nor controlled. They are devastating, not only by their sheer strength but largely as a result of their relative unpredictability regarding when they are likely to occur. Earthquakes occur naturally ...

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San Fernando Earthquake

  • San Fernando Earthquake

California residents are conversant with February 9, 1971, precisely at 6:01 AM PST. What was to be the dawn of another usual day turned out to be an uneventful day following the occurrence of an earthquake that stands as one of the worst to have hit the California region. The earthquake came to ...

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San Francisco Earthquake

  • San Francisco Earthquake

Date: April 18,19063,000 killed $524 million in property damageThe earthquake of April 18th, 1906 in California is considered one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States. Although it is often referred to as the "San Fransisco earthquake", the earthquake also caus ...

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Kern County Earthquake

  • Kern County Earthquake

Date: July 21,1952Location: Kern County, CaThe Kern Country earthquake was the largest experienced in the United States after the 1906 quake in San Francisco. There was a significant amount of damage caused by the earthquake. It resulted in the loss of 12 lives and approximately $60 million ...

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Long Beach Earthquake

  • Long Beach Earthquake

Date: March 10,1933Location: Long Beach, CAThe March 10th SE of Long Beach earthquake occurred at exactly 5:54 PM. It occurred south of Los Angeles and had its epicenter on the Newpoprt-Inglewood Fault, southeast of the Long Beach, California. This earthquake which caused lots of damages ha ...

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Eureka Earthquake

  • Eureka Earthquake

Date: Jan 31, 1922Location: West of EurekaThe Mendocino fault off the northern California coast is the primary cause of the January 31st 1922 west of Eureka earthquake. People within San Francisco, Oregon and Eugene felt the earthquakes effects. And in 1992, another series of earthquakes that ...

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