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Premium Pack - Earthquake Survival Kit


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At Safety Owls, we understand that more is always better in preparing for a disaster! Your Safety Owls Family Pack is designed with size in mind! This kit has the works! We’ve doubled up and added more items to ensure your safety kit addresses your safety needs. We can’t predict when the next earthquake will take place, but we can predict that you and your family will be ready for action!

*** In order to keep the Safety Owls kit accessible to our vegan and gluten-free friends, all Safety Owl kits come standard with necessary supplies to keep you safe. Food items are not included ***

The Safety Owls™ Family Pack Earthquake Survival Kit is packed with even more safety items to keep you and your family feeling secure. This kit includes:

Safety Owls First-Aid Kit
- 6 Gauze Pads

- 6 Large-sized Bandages

- 5 Medium-sized Bandages

- 5 Small-sized Bandages

- 2 Hand Sanitizers

- Advil, Individually Packaged

- Moist Towelettes

- 2 Cold Compresses

- Eye Drops

4  ‘AAA’ Batteries
4 Face Masks
4 Reflective Vests
2 Flashlights
1 hand-held radio
1 whistle
1 pair of scissors
4 Mylar Emergency Blankets
1 Roll of Duct Tape
1 sturdy Utility Cord
1 pair of work gloves
1 Utility Knife
4 Ponchos

To help get you ready, we’re including the Safety Owls SOS Guide free of charge! This step-by-step reference guide is designed with you in mind to address the most essential first-aid needs. Order today and rest easy knowing help is on the way!

Survival Kit AM/FM Radio

AM/FM Radio

A strong earthquake can cause interruption in phone service and internet disconnecting you from the rest of world. This battery-powered radio helps you stay updated with the latest news and instructions from the government after a disaster hits.

- AM/FM Mini Pocket Radio

- Includes Neck Strap & Stereo Earbuds

- Requires 2 AAA Batteries (included)

- Red Color

Survival Kit Duct tape

Duct Tape

Depending on the level damages caused by an earthquake, you might find yourself with limited access to your day-to-day supplies. Safety Owls believes that a roll of duckt tape can be a life-saver in an emergency. Because of their properties, duct tapes would be useful for a wide range of situations, such as:

- To Construct a Shelter

- Temporarily Stop Bleedings

- Close-out Pipe Leaks

- and so much more ...

Survival Kit Duct tape

Eye Drop

To some, this might be the strangest item on Safety Owls Survival Pack. However, according to a The National Center for Biotechnology Information, a large number of earhquake survivors usually end up with dry eyes, not to mention those with eye contacts. This simple addition to your survival kit could solve one of your unforgivable pains after a disaster hits.

Survival Kit Hand Wipes

Antibacterial Wet Wipes

These wipes are perfect for a quick clean-up when soap and water are not immediately accessible! These wipes are individually wrapped, designed to be used as needed. They remove 99.9% of bacteria, making them an ideal and essential component of your emergency safety kit.

- Remove 99.9% of bacteria

- Fresh Citrus Scent

- Soft material that wipes away dirt and germs

- Leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized

- Individually wrapped wipe: 7in. x 5 in (18 cm x 13 cm)

Survival Kit Cold Compress

Cold Compress

A cold compress is an essential part of any first-aid kit. Featuring an easy-to-use activation system, this cold compress provides fast and effective relief to exterior injuries. This cold compress is the perfect size to treat localized injuries.

- Relieves swilling and pain

- Good for one-time use

Earthquake Kit Gauze

3 Pack of Medical Gauze

Ah, at last! The perfect solution to treating minor cuts! Gauze is essential in treating minor cuts since it helps to absorb moisture and wisk fluid away from small wounds. Gauze is an essential component of any survival kit as we can never predict what types of injuries we may sustain during an earthquake. It helps maintain wounds hygienic and clear of bacteria.

- comes in 3 different sizes (4in x 3.8 yd; 3in x 3.8 yd; 2in x 4 yd)

- individually wrapped

Survival Kit Bandaids

Durable Bandages

Another important component of your safety kits are the bandages! The cornerstone of any first-aid kit, these bandages provides protection against dirt and debris from entering a wound. Made of a sturdy material, these bandages are sure to stick around and secure your wound until help arrives!

- 6 large bandages, 5 medium bandages, and 5 small bandages

Earthquake Kit Pain Reliever

Advil Pain Reliever

We know earthquakes can be a big pain, so we’ve included Advil Ibuprofen Pain Relief Tablets in your safety kit to provide you with a little extra comfort. When used as directed, Advil is effective in relieving pain. Whether it’s a headache or you’ve sustained smaller injuries, you can trust that Advil will be there to provide some relief

- Individually packaged for the perfect dose (2 Advil Ibuprofen tablets, 200 mg each)

- Relieves minor aches and pains

- Temporarily relieves fever

Earthquake Kit Hand Sanitizer

Purell Hand Sanitizer

While your safety kit includes wet wipes, we know extra protection is our friend in emergencies! Purell Hand Sanitizer provides additional protection from bacteria and germs on your skin that could infect any open wounds.

- #1 Recommended Brand

- Leaves hands feeling soft and moisturized

- Removes germ and bacteria present on your skin when used as directed.

Survival Kit Safety Mask

Safety Mask

Earthquakes are known to cause damages to building and structures around us. Safety masks should always be used to filter the air you breathe and prevent you from inhaling foreign particles. Featuring adjustable straps and comfortable material, these masks are sure to help you breathe easy.

- Effective at filtering out dust, bacteria, smoke, and pollen

- Soft material that provides prolonged comfort

- Easy to breathe through

- Designed with expandable edges to provide customized coverage

Survival Kit Safety Vest

Safety Vest

Romeo, Oh, Romeo, Where Art Thou? Oh, there you are!

Safety vests are an effective method of increasing your visibility in the event of an earthquake. Fluorescent orange in color, this vest is designed to help First Responders and rescue help locate you, all while allowing you to feel comfortable in your own clothes.

- One size fits all

- Available Fluorescent Orange and Yellow

- Non-restrictive design

Survival Kit Safety Gloves

Safety Gloves

These knit gloves come with a grip design on the palms to allow you to safely grip any fallen debris and materials. Earthquakes are known to cause buildings and structures to collapse, and this can cause fallen materials to fall in your path and block your escape route. These gloves are effective, sturdy, and provide an additional POP of color to ensure high visibility.

- Flexible grip pattern

- Fitted protection around the wrists to ensure the gloves stay in place

- One size fits all

Earthquake Kit Whistle


If you thought whistles were reserved for gym teachers, then you’re missing out on an excellent safety product! One of the most helpful things you can do to help First Responders locate you during an emergency is to make noise! Should you be in a situation where you are trapped, the ability to signal for help is crucial! These whistles are sturdy and designed to become louder the harder you blow.

- Pea-design

- Loud, crisp noise designed to increase your visibility

- Handy key-ring

- Comes in a variety of colors!

Survival Kit Flashlight


Providing steady light during emergencies, this flashlight is sure to help you see things clearly! Compact and lightweight, it provides a great range of light. This is a perfect alternative to candles since candles may cause further damage if an earthquake has caused gas lines to rupture.

- Uses 3 AAA-batteries (batteries included in your safety kit)

- Lightweight and compact

- Sleek silver design

- Button-switch to turn on

Earthquake Kit Batteries


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Survival Kit Rope


Rope has a multitude of uses, but lucky for you, it is also an effective way of securing items and objects around you. Strong and abrasion-resistant, this rope will help create a safe environment for you and your loved ones.

Caution: Rope should not be used to lower yourself to safety from higher floors of any building. This could lead to serious injury as the rope is not designed to sustain more than 30 pounds.

Please see our S.O.S. Guide for more ideas on how you can use your rope to help you in any emergency!

Survival Kit Scissors


Our medical-grade scissors can be used to address first-aid needs, like cutting gauze or cutting away clothing around wounds, or to remove Safety Owls items from sterile packaging. Scissors are an absolutely universal tool, so you can rest easy knowing you are well-equipped to respond to emergency situations.

- Features one blunt end to cut close to the skin

- Strong and sharp, yet small and portable

Earthquake Kit Knife


Along with the accompanying scissors on the first-aid box, this earthquake survival kit comes with an sharp knife. While this seems like a simple additon, a knife as an essential item for most emergency situations. This small pocket knife could be used to:

- Open Cnned Food

- Prepare Meals

- Cut Ropes and Wirings

- and so much more

Earthquake Kit Emergency Thermal Blanket

Emergency Blanket

Emergency blankets are great to have on hand during an emergency. This Mylar Emergency blanket provides easily accessible protection against all weather conditions. It is easily folded back into its original packaging and great for repetitive use.

- Engineered with durable Mylar material to maintain proper insulation

- Retains 90% of body heat

- Weatherproof

- Waterproof

- Compact size allows for easy storage

- Dimensions: 54in x 84in

Earthquake Kit Rain Ponchos

Emergency Ponchos

Don’t let a little rain ruin your day! Lightweight and compact, this poncho serves as a perfect option for emergency weather protection. It provides reliable protection against harsh weather conditions. It also designed with a built-in hoodie for additional protection.

- Easily stored

- One size fits all

- Reusable

- Clear in color



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